Hashual - Israel

Choreographed by Rivka Sturman

Circle, arms in V-position - Mixed

Count Step
Part I
1-2 Facing LOD, step forward on R, step forward on L
3-4 Repeat counts 1-2 while dropping hands and clapping three times (3&4)
5-6 Repeat counts 1-2
7 Step forward on R foot
8-11 Take hands again and do one Mayim step to R starting with L foot crossing in front of R
12-13 Repeat counts 8-9
14-15 Step on L to L, brush R slightly in front of L
16-29 Repeat counts 1-14 (Omit brush)
Part II
1-2 Facing center, with knees and body slightly bent, take 3 steps forward starting on R (1&2). While doing this, R shoulder is slightly forward and fingers are snapped on each count.
3-4 Repeat counts with opposite footwork and armwork
5-8 Repeat counts 1-4
9 Stamp R foot forward taking weight while clapping hands low and forward
10-16 Take 7 steps backwards starting on L foot. At same time lift arms slowly up, out and down to side.
17-32 Repeat counts 1-16

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