My Experience with Dr. Alex J. Trigonis

by Dr. Phillip M. Feldman

This article is a review of Dr. Alex Trigonis, an orthodonist with the partnership of Drs. Edstrom, Trigonis, and Swenson.

Dr. Alex Trigonis is quite probably the most dishonest and unethical dental practitioner that I've ever encountered.

My son Michael was treated by Dr. Trigonis in 2012. I have four main issues with this treatment:

  1. Dr. Trigonis enormously overstated his familiarity with jaw surgery. Also, when he saw how concerned my wife and I were about the prospect of our son having jaw surgery, he revised his initial opinion that "your son's condition cannot be corrected without surgery", holding out the false hope that a non-surgical treatment was possible. Ultimately, four other dental experts—Dr. William Arnett (dental surgeon), Dr. George Lyman (pediatric dentist and professor of dentistry), Dr. Robert Kiken (dental surgeon), and Dr. Stewart White (orthodontist)—agreed that a combination of jaw surgery and orthodontia (Dr. Trigonis' original recommendation) was the only good option.

  2. Dr. Trigonis has admitted in writing to having violated our rights to informed consent. He claims that he decided without our consent to take the non-surgical route for treating our son. (I believe that this was actually a false admission, in that he was attempting to cover up having incompetently prepared my son for the surgery, but this is hard to prove). Either way, per long-established legal precedent, Dr. Trigonis' actions constitute dental malpractice.

  3. When the jaw surgeon (Dr. William Arnett) informed me that my son's orthodontic preparation was not correct, and that rework would be required to address the problems, Dr. Trigonis demanded more money to fix his work. Given the concerns about his honesty and competence, I decided to switch to another practitioner (Dr. Stewart White). [Between Drs. White and Arnett, my son's dental problems were efficiently and professional corrected.]

  4. There is one additional issue that is worth mentioning: When I brought Dr. Trigonis to small claims court, he falsified the dates of treatment.

A detailed discussion of the small claims case can be found here:

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