Recreational Mathematics

Recreational Mathematics

Dr. Phillip M. Feldman

Mathematics is incredibly useful, essential for our understanding of the physical sciences and nature in general, and for the modeling of everything from games of chance to economics. Mathematics can also be fun, giving rise to an endless variety of puzzles. In this web page, I focus on some beautiful aspects of mathematics; I've tried to present this material so as to make it accessible to the widest possible audience.

Prime Numbers and Their Statistical Properties

Highly-Composite Numbers

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24 Aug., 2014: I added the functions find_composite and next_composite to the module. Both of these functions find composite integers of the form p1^n1 * p2^n2 ..., where p1, p2, ... are specified prime numbers and n1, n2, ... are arbitrary non-negative integers, but the two functions use very different algorithms. The first uses the simple, brute-force approach of testing all integers. The second returns a generator; the algorithm uses a priority queue to ensure that values are returned in the correct order. The algorithm is highly time efficient, but the length of the queue does gradually grow.